After Brexit if the EU is to survive, it must resolve the Syrian crisis !

At its weekly meeting chaired by its Secretary General Dr. Mohamad Izzat Khatab, the Executive Office of the Party Syria For All has followed with great interest the results of the referendum that had taken place at the United Kingdom, made public in the morning June 23, and gives the advantage of 52% on leaving the European Union.

logo6-500During their meeting, the members of the Party for All Syria have focused on the issue of Syrian refugees and the real risk that could represent the intrusion of some terrorists among them trying to enter into Europe. The discussion focused on the place of the United Kingdom in Europe and the election relating thereto slip to the point that the Nigel Farage leader of the party for Independence went up election posters reasonably qualified to be of racist character showing crowds of Syrian refugees and warning that Europe has reached the breaking point.

After exchanging views lively goods between delegates, party members, they concluded that the UK has voted at the referendum, in a climate of fear of the unknown as well as that of migrants in Europe mainly arriving from Syria
These are the same climates that dominate in other European nations. Consequence of the growing terrorist threat that feeds the extremist discourse in what they called lone wolves.

This could encourage other countries to organize similar referendums for withdrawal of the European Union as might be expected from several surveys indicating that nearly half of the electorate in eight major countries of the Union requires the same right which has just received British voters.

The Party Syria For All continues to believe that the Syrian crisis is the Chignon missing in this whole European equation. Without a fair, right and concrete solution to the Syrian crisis, the domino effect in all European countries would be inevitable. The parties of the extreme right as all racist currents, could be strengthened, a situation which not only would threaten stability but also the safety and the living together in Europe would suffer.

Therefore, party members claim that European play a greater and more effective role to end the Syrian crisis by involving their friends and allies, Russia and the US, to face their fundamental responsibilities because Europe will remain the first and directly exposed region as long as the dramatic crisis of Syria will remain suspended.

Party members also claim to Europe as early as hostilities are stopped to provide adequate support for the reconstruction of Syria and for the rehabilitation of the basic means for the recovery of a decent daily life.

This huge task will demand time, effort and resources. The Party, Syria For All and its Secretary General in particular, Dr. Mohamad Izzat Khatab, who is, now and at any time, ready to mobilize its own funds to rebuild and restore what the war destroyed as well as to allow displaced Syrians wishing to return to their homeland after cessation of the conflict and the establishment of a peaceful solution and total reconciliation.

Done at Geneva this Monday, June 28, 2016


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