De Mistura calling Dr. khatab to talk about a forthcoming meeting between the two of them in Paris

UN pecial Envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, telephoned Dr. Mohammad izzat Khatab, General Secretary of the “syria for all” party,To inquire about his plan to resolve the political and economic Side in Syria, and that was a few days before the forthcoming meeting between the two men in Paris.

During the phone call, the general secretary of “syria for all” party made De Mistura into the image of “Khattab’s Plan” to resolve the syrian crisis, Where he explained to him the most important contents and clauses and the suggestions and solutions it contains on Syria’s future political and economic status after the cessation of war in the country.

Also khattab informed the official UN that taking in consideration the points and goals of “syria for all” party plan, it would be achievable in order to stop the war in Syria and start the reconstruction programs of what was left from war.

Insisting that the international community only has to deal seriously with this plan if they really wants good for Syria and its people if they want to end the war and that it is ready to finance all the plan of his own money without the need for donors’ conferences.

Dr. Khatab demanded Staffan de Mistura, to push on the Member States of the UN Council , the UN and the international community to adopt a binding resolution under Chapter VII to stop the war in Syria and end all acts of violence immediately simultaneously from everyone, “insisting that the time element has now a major and top priority”.

Some european and global leaders have proposed have suggested on the UN special envoy to syria to study “Khattab’s plan” and adopt a reasonable and an integrated solution to remove Syria from the bottleneck, taking considiration that the godfather of plans Dr. Mohammed Ezzat Khattab was seen in western capitals as a neutral third party within the syrian political scene and that’s due to his lack of loyalty to the syrian opposition neither to the syrian organization, also by the facf that “syria for everybody” party is the only political organization that refuses to have militias or troops on the ground and it considered that taking up arms against their one nation brothers is a betrayal agains syria, syrian people, and their unity.

Khatab and de Mistur agreed to resume their talks on “Khatab’s plan 2017 – 2022” in their expected meeting during the next few days.

Khatab’s plan received great admiration by the leaders of several countries worldwide, led by French President Francois Hollande and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, as she was the main reason of many calls and meetings brought together General Secretary of the Syrian for everyone party with numerous dignitaries and Westerners Ministers, the most recent one was US Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergei Lavrov.

Also international media has focused on Khatab’s plan to solve the syrian crisis, by allocating television programs to discuss it, and of course there was a big space devoted to explain their content.

Radio channel and TV channel “France Info” has described “Khattab’s plan” by ready and integrated, while the channel “Euronews” saw it as a real opportunity to stop the bloodshed in Syria.

And was the Executive Office of the Party of Syria for all have begun to circulate a draft plan for a political solution and economic to the Syrian crisis on the leaders of major countries and heads of government under the name “Khattab’s Plan 2017-2022” after it has been formulated and studied and prepared by a group of experts and specialists and syrian economists under the chairmanship of Dr. Mohamad Izzat’s Khatab, General Secretary of the syria for all party.

The party suggested that “Khattab’s plan” should be executed to resolve the crisis in Syria under the auspices of the United Nations Organization and the personal supervision of the permanent envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura,after being studied together with his team at the UN organization as an ambitious vision and a reasonable and realistic solution that will enable to stop the war in syria and also stop the syrian bloodshed.


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