Western officials inspire khatab’s plan and call armed opposition to merge with syria army

Calls was increased by western officials to syrian armed opposition in Halab city to drop weapons down and merge with syrian arabian army lines considering that the only solution to stop civil war between enemy brothers in syria. It is the same goals as khatab’s plan to solve syria crisis . It was the goal which chair man of syria for all party called every one of syria fighters in opposition lines last august.

During meeting was made by saban center to study middle east in Washington ,American minister of foreign affairs “john Cary” :”civil war which syria withstand nowadays never ends except by merging opposition power with country foundations in this area” .

Cary continued “no military solution for syria issue. And the war never stops until Halab no longer military strategic target disputed by parties of the issue”

American minister stressed on “we should realize that this war has no end without political recognition towards ways to merge opposition in syria system “ referred to “ Syrian people will be capable to choose the decision about choosing their leadership in election if this process is done”

As Cary insured “political settlement of Syria issue still possible” alluding “talks and consultations are held about that in geneva” .

At European level ,official document-prepared by fedreca mogrenei the administer of foreign affairs- suggested four elements to achieve Syria future which included –merge local militias in syria country and establish political system could be judged and relay on decentralization and connected contributions by rebuilding with “starting political transition” .

The same suggestion was the backbone of the sight introduced by stevan de mistora –un envoy to Syria-in front of United Nations General Assembly which leaked since short period and consists of five essence points : merge non organized military power which fight is side with Elasad troops (militias of national defense) with any one from syria opposition under the name of “merging rival power” in whole Syria cities.

De mistora suggested keeping security system and army and working on “security sector rehabilitation” and “conservation of army foundation” by the way merging non organized military power with it.
D.Mohamad Izzat Khatab –chairman of Syria for all party-gave all the three western administrators Cary, mogerine and de mastora a copy of his plan to solve Syria crisis which suggests a group of solutions to get Syria out its crisis between those suggestions an important one state merging non official power in Syria Arabian army after dropping weapons.

Syria for all party called in a statement –read by D.khatab and got a lot of reaction at the level of media-that all armed Syrian in all regions, districts, villages, and Syria cities with all their orientation and believes to put down weapons and come back to home lap for talking and searching political and economical solution for the crisis and stop fighting between brothers and sons of one country.
D. Mohamad Izzat Khatab -Secretary General of Syria for all party-within his meeting with group of Syrian refugee’s sons in France said that he told a massage for all Syrian armed and fighters –non part of daesh or elnosra the terrorists – to drop weapons and think about Syria future and its children future and stop bleeding which refuse stopping in our country.

Khatab added –talking to all armed Syrian –“remember Syrian honor before war , remember how was Syria and its people before war,remember our people how they were before humiliation in seas ,refugee cambs,worldwide countries , their streets and traffic lights.remember how our children was before turning to be food for fish in seas . It is the time for thinking as Syrian about our children and their future before us . come back to your home lap and to army lap and close the paper of this war , as we humans we can forget”
The Syrian politician asked to finish all war features ,tragedies , destruction , and ruin which Syria faces. And asked for trying to stop terrorists flow to it and working to bring peace and safety to country as a start to find political and economical solution for the crisis by discussion between Syrians themselves without any foreign interferance .

Secretary general of Syria for all party showed his hope that western countries-which drawl defending human rights and stand still about Syria- moves to take responsibility , realize it and unite to face terrorism and Terrorist organization in syria specially daesh
Added “we ask all fighters and armed to put down their weapons and go for conciliation , discussion ,searching for political exit , stop bleeding and continues fighting which does not serve any patriotism Syrian goals instead that hurting syria and its people , doubling its children suffering and roaming them all around the world
He said “If system was firm and strict as Syrian we can press on it to ease his grip but not with weapon only with discussion and nothing else . between us as sons of one country only ballot boxes can take the upper hand “.

Khatab asked all Arabian and international powers to unite with Syrian army and people to get rid of clan which Expropriated land of Syria. He gave some examples like daesh and elnosra in their acts like criminals killing innocent without any feelings . in the same time he insured “those organizations are the biggest enemy of Islam and work to distort Image magnanimous of Islam not only in Syria but all over the world”


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