Dr Khatab:” Russian wording of constitution for Syria is a dangerous act in the history of relations between countries”

Dr Mohamad Izzat Khatab – secretary general of Syria for all party- announced that his party completely refused constitution Russia worded without any Syrian consultation and distributed in previous Astana meeting as he ensured that Syrians themselves had that rights to word his country’s constitution as grant protection to all its parts.

Khatab showed to Eldawlya journal he was surprised from silence of against and order representatives during Astana meeting when Russian administrators had distributed constitutional draft which had been worded and written in Moscow by Russian specialists. He wondering how they accepted that with closed mouths and continued the meeting

Mohamad Izzat Khatab - secretary general of Syria for all party
Mohamad Izzat Khatab – secretary general of Syria for all party

Khatab added “we said that solution of Syria crises should be in hands of Syrian themselves not obligatory from outside so we hoped to solve that crises as Syrians as wording Syrian constitution with syrian hands, thoughts and expertise was one of the aspirations in our party and Katab’s plan as we would make a vote to make Syrians said their first and last word”.

And he ensured “the Syrian people only has the right to determine his constitution as we refuse any Russian, American, French, Saudi or any country’s constitution as constitution is a symbol for sovereignty of the country and its people. If Russians needs to word a constitution then they would word it in their country and for their people to vote for it but Syria has its people, expertise and sovereignty”.

Khatab added “this is a first dangerous act in history of relations between countries as a country had a courage to word constitution for another one and obligate this country to follow that what Russia did as it worded a constitution assuming it is Syrian worded by expertise to replace current constitution-admitted in 2012- and with that act Russia steals Syrians’ right to draw its political, constitutional and economical future without any influence from any friend or enemy” .

As Khatab said “Russian step of wording a constitution instead of Syrians and trying to obligate it is not helping peace forces but it makes it worse and gets us back in time as it makes crises more complex”.

Mohamad Izzat Khatab said” Russia worded a constitution for system and obligated the Syrian or America worded a constitution for the against all that prevent people from their right in determining their future, destiny and breaking simplest diplomatic morals and principals. We never accept that as Syrians we will word our constitution without any interference” .

Answering the question about Russia presented itself as impartial part between system and against Khatab said “Russia wrote a constitution by Russians without Syrian people that means from our prospection that Moscow does not respect Syria’s sovereignty, Syria and Syrians. Also that means Russia is not serious in being impartial between system and against in Syria”.

Russian ministry of foreign affairs announced that it distributed constitutional draft on Syrian parties in Astana meeting that had been worded by Russian expertise and suggested increasing parliament rights on the other hand decreasing president rights as not allowing him to dissolve it. And giving parliament the right to vote on higher country issues and changing Syria’s borders by public voting” .

Draft suggests that Syrian people assembly decide war and peace issues, president abdication and appointment members of supreme court. It indicates that Army follows president who will be the supreme commander.



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